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  • PLC-controlled vertical continuous casting furnace for all kind of alloys and profiles

    New induction Mixing System
    Double oxygen-free gas protection
    Consistent withdrawal by double cooler
    Quick die change
    Forced cooling of the 4 pulling rollers
    Profile cooling by additional circuit

  • Induction melting furnace with motorized tilting crucible PLC and user-friendly touch screen video control | Motorized tilting with adjustable speed by joystick
    High performing medium frequency generators for fast melting
    Multiple use: Melting of scraps for refining, Melting ashes for recovery, Graining for alloys production, etc.

  • Auto-hydraulic PLC-controlled bell furnace for quench-annealing and deoxidizing
    -50% gas and electricity consumptions | PLC | controlled annealing sequence
    speed, precision and high quality | Environment-friendly | Gas Safety System
  • alt

    Hardening - Reduce Porosity - Remove Laser Crystallization
    Increase Brightness - Assure Quality Control Compliance
  • Single or double belt furnace for all kind of heat treatments New heating and insulation for high speed | Long lasting chambers | Gas balance system
    Controlled cooling temperature | Gas Safety System
  • Special Conveyor Belt Furnace for free sintering of diamond beads, sectors, etc. Multiple independent heating zones | Oxygen-free working process
    -50% electricity & gas consumption | Gas safety system

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  • High-performance furnaces to maximize your benefits Get the best of the latest technology and of more than 50 years of experience

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GB BERTONCELLO - ServiziTEST POINT CENTER è il servizio che G.B. F.LLI BERTONCELLO offre ai clienti al fine di permettere di verificare, con prove effettuate sui propri prodotti, i risultati impareggiabili che si ottengono con i nostri forni, oltre a verificare la validità del forno scelto per l’applicazione richiesta.