Gamma 2

Furnaces with vacuum system and purged nitrogen to harden products made of all gold and silver alloys and copper-based alloys with surface cleaning effect


  • The furnace is used for all the products made of every precious and non precious metals alloys and it can be used for the treatment of casting products with precious stones, too.
  • Working cycle in vacuum chamber with nitrogen gas injection.
  • Automatic heating and forced cooling cycle programmable by PLC, with the possibility of recording working datasheets.
  • GB HIGH-TECH. The operator is guided step by step by a touch screen video in the furnace setting.
  • Heating treatment chamber with internal ventilation of the inert gas and purging at the beginning of the cycle
  • Self-diagnosing and possible alarms with buzzer
  • Buzzer alarm at the end of the cycle.
  • Substantial increase of the mechanical resistance and hardness of the products.
  • Absolute homogeneity of the results without oxidation and preserving the shining colour of the finished products
  • GAMMA: the hallmark for hardening