Gamma HT-FC

Furnaces with vacuum system and purged nitrogen

Furnaces with vacuum system and purged nitrogen to harden products made of all gold and silver alloys


  • The furnace can be used for all products in any precious and not precious metal alloy and is suitable for the treatment of casting products with any precious stones.
  • Work process in vacuum chamber and in the presence of nitrogen gas.
  • Heating cycle and forced cooling cycle in automatic and programmable by PLC mode with the ability to save job recipes.
  • GB HIGH-TECH. Through a touch screen terminal video, the operator is guided step by step in the furnace programming.
  • Heat treatment chamber with internal gas protection and prewash with gas at start of cycle.
  • Autodynamics and any alarms on video with sound recall.
  • End of cycle warning with sound recall.
  • Significant increase in mechanical strength and hardness of the products.
  • Absolute homogeneity of the results combined with the total absence of oxidation and the maintenance of brilliant colour in finished products.
  • GAMMA: Warranty Mark for Hardening.